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Dr. John Hagan Receives 2019 Hal Foster Award

Congratulations to the 2019 Hal Foster Award recipient, Discover Vision Northland’s very own Dr. John Hagan.

John C. Hagan, M.D.


The Hal Foster Award was developed in 1991 by the KCSO&O (Kansas City Society of Ophthalmology & Otolaryngology). Most noteworthy, the award highlights doctors who demonstrate exemplary dedication and service to the local medical society.

Selected by a special committee, the award recognizes doctors who display a commitment to the Kansas City community.  Furthermore, it highlights honorees who have made educational contributions to the medical field by sharing their knowledge and skills.

Dr. Hagan was recognized at the 2019 KCSO&O annual conference last weekend.

Congratulations on this well deserved honor, Dr. Hagan!  We are proud to have you on the Discover Vision Northland team.

More on the Hal Foster Award – Who is / was Hal Foster, MD

by John Doane, MD, FACS

Hal Foster (1858-1946) was an NYU trained – ENT trained ophthalmologist who moved to Kansas City in 1882. In 1896, he invited 500 ophthalmologists and otolaryngologists to KC for the first meeting of the Western Ophthalmological, Laryngological and Rhinological Association. Later, it was renamed as the American Academy of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology in 1903.  Essentially, Dr. Foster founded the predecessor to the AAO.

Throughout his career, Hal was interested in the development of medicine in America. In his 88 years on this earth, he made significant contributions to our medical field.  Thus, the Hal Foster Award began in 1991 in his honor.  It is presented to members of the KCSOO (Kansas City Society of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology) who have demonstrated exemplary dedication and service to the Society and Local Community.

I am honored to present Dr. John Hagan as a 2019 Hal Foster Award Winner.

If “exemplary” dedication defines this award, I can think of no other who has given so much of one’s self. However, of all Dr. Hagan has accomplished in his career, I know he is most proud of his family – his wonderful marriage to Becky and their two accomplished daughters.

I can’t recite all of John’s accomplishments; there is simply not enough time. So, let me give some highlights.

John Hagan exudes service, leadership, patient advocacy, advocacy for ophthalmology and physicians in general in this community, region, state and nationally.

John rose to Captain in the United States Air Force Medical Corp. He received the National Defense Medal after his service in Vietnam. He has been a member of the KCSOO for 42 years, serving on the executive committee for at least 8 years. He has a Herculean task as Editor of Missouri Medicine for the past 19 years, serving on the editorial board for 15 years.

If you can think of an ophthalmology or medical organization in this region rest assured Dr. Hagan has been an officer, starting at the bottom and rising to president or chairman for each.

John has written 198 peer reviewed articles, 81 non-peer reviewed articles, 11 clinical research studies, and 26 publications on physical fitness and exercise. The list goes on.  I am not only a colleague, but a fan of his writing.  I can recall a fascinating article he wrote on taking the Porsche driving school; John bought a Porsche and wanted to know how to drive it. Most of us would just take it out for a spin, but John traveled to Atlanta for the Porsche Experience Center and Driving School. In another article on mountain climbing, he included pictures of Becky and himself on their own outdoor adventure. Any article John has written is incredibly researched and a joy to read. He has superlative command of the written English language and always adds a touch of wit.

Dr. Hagan has given 34 professional presentations. Having given talks on 5 of the 7 continents myself, I would not want to follow John. He is the quintessential closing act, and lives up to a rockstar-like headline performance.

As if the contributions to the industry aren’t enough, Dr. Hagan is also involved in important legislative matters. He has advocated for tort reform in the state of Missouri. He is an advocate for all physicians and a never-ending champion for patients.  John is a forum physician and founder of the AAO website, which is the sixth busiest health website in the United States.

John Hagan’s service has been unwavering and unending.  He has exemplified leadership throughout his career, advocating for patients and his profession. I think Dr. Hal Foster would be honored to have Dr. John Hagan receive this award.

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