Dr. John Hagan's Talks About Near-Death Experiences | Discover Vision

Interview with Dr. John Hagan

John C. Hagan III, MD is an ophthalmologist and medical researcher at Discover Vision in The Northland. Dr. Hagan is also Editor of Missouri Medicine medical journal and a new medical textbook “The Science of Near-Death Experiences” (Missouri University Press, 2017).

Hagan was the subject of a WDAF Fox 4 news segment on July 18, 2019.  Dr. Hagan believes that physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals need to know how to recognize and respond appropriately to NDEs or near-death experiences. When people are resuscitated from almost dying and report a supernatural experience, it has profound effects on them and their family.

Dr. Hagan has lectured extensively on the subject of near-death experiences at medical schools and hospitals across the United States. 

For more information on the interview, visit WDAF Fox 4 below. For more information on Dr. John C. Hangan, III, MD visit his bio page.

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