Is LASIK Affordable?

Many would say the ability to see when they first wake up in the morning is priceless. If you are among the 1.3 million Americans expected to have LASIK this year, affordability may be a strong consideration. Is LASIK affordable? Here are 4 noteworthy tips on how to make LASIK affordable.

1. Utilize Tax Free Payment Options to make LASIK Affordable

Did you know your employer may allow you to earmark funds to help pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses? Funds can be used for a variety of elective procedures, ranging from acupuncture and cosmetic surgery to LASIK. The allocated money for health spending accounts is tax free and are taken directly from your paycheck, much like a 401K plan.

Plan ahead and take advantage of this tax free option to make LASIK affordable. Use flexible spending accounts (FSA) by the end of April because unused money will be forfeited.  Health savings accounts (HSA) are also an option and differ from FSAs because unused money rolls over from year to year.

2. Compare LASIK Affordability to the Long Term Expense of Contacts and Glasses

If you are unable to utilize flexible spending accounts, LASIK may still be the more economical long term option. Based on industry standards, the cost of LASIK is one-half to one-fourth the cost of glasses and contacts in the long term. Over a 20-year period:

If you haven’t worn contacts and glasses for 20 years and don’t plan to, there is an important question to ask yourself. Are you comfortable wearing glasses and contacts? If so, keep wearing them! There is no reason to change something that is working for you. At Discover Vision, we recommend LASIK or other vision correction options only when you’ve reached the tipping point of needing a lifestyle change.

3. Plan Ahead or Consider Financing Options to make LASIK Affordable

If you are considering LASIK, but are concerned about the cost, plan ahead or consider financing options. First, determine how much money you can put into a health savings account to help fund the cost. Second, weigh the long-term cost savings. While LASIK may require more money upfront compared to glasses and contacts, the procedure is the less expensive option and can truly be priceless. Finally, consider financing options. At Discover Vision, we offer LASIK financing options through CareCredit to make LASIK affordable. This includes a 24 month, no interest financing option with no down payment required, subject to approval.

4. Take a LASIK Self-Evaluation Test to Determine Whether You Are a Candidate

If you’re interested in LASIK, take a LASIK Self Evaluation test.  This quick online survey will help to determine whether vision correction is right for you. Our team will respond and begin the conversation based on a plan that suits your lifestyle.

When you are ready to proceed, the next step is to schedule a Free LASIK Evaluation in the office. During the LASIK evaluation we will perform the tests needed to determine whether you are a good candidate for vision correction, and if so, which option is best for you.

Discover Vision Centers is one of the country’s largest eye care centers. Our doctors offer ophthalmology, optometry and optical services in the Kansas City metro and surrouding areas.  For more information, call 816.478.1230 or click here to schedule an appointment.

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