Full Focus Vision Correction

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What is Full Focus® Vision Correction?

Full Focus® Vision Correction allows many patients to reduce and possibly eliminate the need for bifocals or reading glasses


If you have trouble reading the paper or seeing things up close, you may be suffering from presbyopia. Presbyopia occurs as the lens in the eye loses its flexibility with age and is unable to automatically change focus between different ranges. Full Focus® restores vision for most people who wear bifocals and reading glasses, allowing them to see like they did in their 20s and 30s without the inconvenience of glasses.

Full Focus® Vision Correction functions like the natural eye, automatically focusing through a range of distances – near, far and everything in between. Full Focus® involves removing the natural crystalline lens in the eye and replacing it with an auto-focusing, intraocular lens implant to focus light properly into the eye. The doctors at Discover Vision Centers were instrumental in developing this technology and were the first practice in the Midwest to offer it.

If you have trouble seeing up close, and do not want to wear reading glasses or bifocals, Full Focus® Vision Correction may be right for you.

Full Focus® Restores Vision at Near, Far and Everything in Between

Examples of what you see at Near, Intermediate and Distance

Advantages of Full Focus® Vision Correction

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