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Full Focus® Vision Correction in Kansas City, MO

Discover vision centers in the Kansas City area offer extensive experience with premium lens implants for your cataract surgery.  Treatment with these advanced lens implants are designed for those patients looking to reduce or eliminate glasses following their surgery.  

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What Is Full Focus Vision Correction Surgery?

The Full Focus cataract surgery procedure differs from standard cataract surgery only in the type of lens implant that is placed inside the eye.  Utilizing advanced intraocular lenses, dependence on glasses or contact lenses can be greatly reduced or eliminated.  A small incision is made at the edge of the cornea, the clear outer layer of the eye.  The pupil is dilated and this gives access to the natural lens that sits behind the colored part of the eye (iris).  A small device using ultrasound will break up the natural lens that has become cloudy with cataract formation.  The material is then removed from the eye using gentle suction.  The newest technology artificial lens implant can then be inserted through this same small incision and carefully positioned in the existing capsule that held the natural lens.  

The Tecnis multifocal is a trifocal implant providing focal points for distance, intermediate and near vision, achieving binocular vision at all three distances.  Discover Vision Centers also offer the Light Adjustable Lens implant from RxSight.  This latest technology lens has the ability to have the power adjusted once it is inside the eye giving the highest degree of accuracy in post op outcomes of any lens implant on the market.  In our experience, it has been perfect for those that have had previous corneal refractive surgery and want to remain independent from glasses.


Types of Full Focus Vision Procedures We Provide

When a patient forms cataracts, the cataract lens replacement that is selected can provide an opportunity to restore great vision at all distances without glasses or contact lenses. 

Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are the clouding of the eye’s natural lens occurring as we age.  The clouded lens is removed and replaced with a clear artificial lens implant.

Presbyopia Surgery

Various conditions of the eye can be addressed and corrected with the placement of the new lens implant.  Nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia (loss of the focusing ability to see things up close) are all correctable with artificial lenses.

Benefits of Full Focus® Cataract Eye Surgery

Cataract formation and surgery are something that will impact us all as we age and there are many that will want to take the opportunity to correct their vision at the same time.  Full Focus vision implants target this segment of the population and can give great uncorrected vision postoperatively.  Depending on your vision goals or priorities, Discover Vision Centers can help tailor a solution to meet your vision needs.  There are many advantages and reasons you may want to pursue surgery with the latest technology lens implants.

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Are You a Candidate for Full Focus Lens Implants?

During your consultation with Discover Vision Centers our doctors will do a complete eye exam and several diagnostic tests to determine if you are a candidate for multifocal lens technology.  Your overall eye health  and degree of astigmatism will be assessed which are key determinants in lens implant selection.  A second and important part of the candidacy for full focus cataract lens technology depends on patient expectations and can the technology deliver what the patient desires.  The team will provide details on what to expect short and long-term with the state-of-the-art technology.

Full Focus® Vision Correction Surgery Procedure

The Full Focus Vision Correction procedure at Discover Vision Centers is completed at our outpatient surgery center.   You can receive mild sedation prior to your procedure and your pupil is dilated with topical drops.   The natural lens is removed with ultrasound and the lens implant is placed behind the iris which is the colored part of the eye.  After the surgery, you will spend about 15 minutes in the postoperative area going over instructions for postoperative care and then released to home.

Why Choose Discover Vision?

Discover Vision Centers have been leaders in eye care in the Kansas City region for over 50 years.   Our commitment for perfecting presbyopia lens implant surgery includes completing FDA clinical trials for state-of-the-art lens technology.  Our main goal is to match the best technology to the patient’s lifestyle and expectations.  The Key Benefits of Full Focus Surgery include:

Financial Options

Full Focus Vision Correction is seen as an elective procedure that is not entirely covered by insurance. Your insurance may offer a discount, but you should plan on the majority if not all of the “upgrade” as an out-of-pocket expense. Discover Vision has several options to help make Full Focus surgery more affordable. We offer to See Today, Pay Later financing through CareCredit, subject to credit approval. We also encourage you to use FSA and HSA (flexible spending and health savings accounts) to pay for your procedure with tax-free dollars.

Areas We Serve

Discover Vision Centers proudly serves the Greater Kansas City and surrounding areas. We have 9 locations and 3 surgery centers to serve all of your eye care needs. Our eye clinics are located in Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit, Harrisonville, Independence, The Northland, Raymore, Leawood, The Legends, and Olathe.

About Our Surgeons

Dr. Doane has been performing Full Focus Surgery for over 20 years and has been involved in FDA trials for lenses used in the surgery.


Everything I was expecting and more. I’ve been a customer for several years for just the routine eye exams and eye glass prescriptions. My most recent experience was full focus lens replacement. All went as expected. Customer service just excellent. Dang nice folks in both the Independence & Leawood locations. Bottom Line, I highly recommend Discover Vision!
Sam Rutherford

Great service and professional staff. Dr. John Doane did full focus implants for me 10 years ago. My vision is wonderful both far and close. I can more easily live an active lifestyle. It’s the best.
Joseph Roper

Doctor Doane and his staff are great. They truly care and really listen. I had full focus cataract surgery on both eyes. I am so glad I made the choice to go with full focus. I will refer all my friends to Discover Vision and Dr. Doane. A big thank you to the staff, from the front desk, to nurses in the exam rooms and to the nursing staff in the surgery center.
Patricia Cook

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How quickly will my vision improve following Full Focus eye surgery?

There is rapid visual improvement with Full Focus eye surgery.  Most patients should have dramatic improvement at all distances the day after surgery.  Stability is usually achieved by 2 weeks after surgery.

What is the cost difference between regular and Full Focus cataract lens?

The cost of regular cataract surgery is covered by insurance, copays and deductibles and for some patients who have a secondary insurance this will also apply to the cost of the surgery as well.  For patients undergoing Full Focus Cataract surgery all the preceding applies along with an out-of-pocket portion.

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