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Interview with Dr. John Hagan

John C. Hagan III, MD is an ophthalmologist and medical researcher at Discover Vision in The Northland. Dr. Hagan is also Editor of Missouri Medicine medical journal and a new medical textbook “The Science of Near-Death Experiences” (Missouri University Press, 2017). Hagan was the subject of a WDAF Fox 4 news segment on July 18, 2019.  Dr. Hagan believes […]

Dr. John Hagan Receives 2019 Hal Foster Award

Congratulations to the 2019 Hal Foster Award recipient, Discover Vision Northland’s very own Dr. John Hagan.   The Hal Foster Award was developed in 1991 by the KCSO&O (Kansas City Society of Ophthalmology & Otolaryngology). Most noteworthy, the award highlights doctors who demonstrate exemplary dedication and service to the local medical society. Selected by a special committee, the […]

Repairing the I-470 291 Highway Bridge

Repairing the I-470/Route 291 bridge As you may know, I-470 / Route 291 bridge project is now undergoing extensive construction. From Independence at the I-470/Route 291 and I-70 interchanges, you should expect significant delays due to one or two lane traffic. We apologize for any delays this may cause you.  If you need to cancel […]

Are you a Candidate for LASIK? 6 Guidelines You Should Know

If you need glasses or contacts to see well, it is likely you have imagined what life would be like to be able to see without them. You have probably thought about vision correction and wondered, “Are you a candidate for LASIK?” It is an important question, because LASIK is an elective procedure, not a […]

Discover Vision Visits Haiti

Discover Vision Visits Haiti (St Louis du Nord) – A team of local eye doctors recently visited a small town in Haiti to assist local patients there. As part of a mission group, the doctors served hundreds of orphans, senior citizens, workers and families with a variety of medical eye treatments, vision exams and eye […]

Vision and Viewing Guide to the 2018 Winter Olympics

The 2018 Winter Olympics have arrived! Athletes from around the world are gathering in Pyeongchang to compete for gold and glory in one, or more, of 15 events.  The commitment and passion shown by these amazing athletes is matched only by the time, effort and focus they have put into training to be at the […]

Have Dry Eye? 8 Ways to Find Relief

Do you have dry eye? You aren’t alone. According to the National Eye Institute, dry eye affects millions of Americans each year. Dry eye is caused by the inability to produce enough moisture on the surface of the eye. It can lead to eye discomfort, blurred vision, sensitivity to light and even overly watering eyes. […]

LASIK Success Rate

What is the LASIK Success Rate? Patients who come into our office to talk about their vision correction options often have questions about the LASIK success rate. This isn’t surprising. Given laser vision correction’s popularity and performance in improving vision and reducing – even eliminating – patients’ reliance on glasses or contacts. A recent article […]

You Owe It to Yourself to Learn the Facts About LASIK

Learning the Facts About LASIK LASIK has been around for more than 20 years. That means two decades of TV news coverage, reality shows, radio ads and billboards proclaiming the benefits of seeing clearly without relying on glasses or contacts thanks to laser vision correction. At this point, you have to wonder: Hasn’t everyone heard […]

With the Latest Technology, Today More People Can Benefit from Laser Vision Correction

Today More People Can Benefit from Laser Vision Correction Early in the evolution of LASIK, many patients wanting laser vision correction were told their prescriptions were too high, corneas too thin or dry eye symptoms too severe to be eligible. To be clear, there are medical conditions and vision issues that, for some people, mean […]

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Interview with Dr. John Hagan


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