Can LASIK Make You Blind?

According to the American Refractive Surgery Council, LASIK surgery does not cause blindness. Like cataract surgery, there is a risk of complications. However, this occurs in less than 1% of cases.

The success of LASIK depends on various factors, including a patient’s candidacy, the surgeon’s expertise, and adherence to pre-and post-operative instructions.

So, can LASIK cause blindness? As a leading LASIK eye surgery center in Kansas City, we can confidently say LASIK has never been the sole cause of vision loss.

Examining the Evidence: Instances of Blindness Post-LASIK

Has anyone gone blind from LASIK? No, LASIK has not been identified as the primary cause of blindness in any documented case within medical science. Interestingly, the risk of going blind due to an eye infection caused by contact lenses is higher than the risk associated with LASIK surgery.

Despite this well-established fact, a lingering fear exists surrounding the possibility of going blind due to LASIK. Instead of doom-scrolling on social media or Google and falling prey to rumors, we encourage you to get a detailed pre-LASIK evaluation and have a candid discussion with a credible LASIK surgeon to debunk medical fearmongering.

What Are the Chances of Going Blind from LASIK?

lasik blindness rate

According to the Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the success rates of LASIK surgery may vary among patients. On average, LASIK’s success rate ranges from 92% – 96%, meaning that virtually all patients achieve 20/40 or better-unaided vision after LASIK.

LASIK is one of the safest elective surgical procedures available today, with an extremely low complication rate.

However, it would be remiss not to mention potential LASIK complications and vision problems, which include:

Such complications are relatively low; most can be effectively managed or resolved with proper care and follow-up. Preoperative evaluation, adherence to post-operative instructions, and regular follow-up visits with your eye care provider are essential for minimizing and addressing complications.

Remember, LASIK is extensively researched and studied, solidifying its reputation as a well-established and reliable procedure. The chances of experiencing vision loss due to LASIK surgery are exceedingly small.

Exploring the Fear of Blindness: Why People Worry About LASIK Vision Loss

chances of going blind from lasik

There are two main factors contributing to the fear of going blind from a LASIK procedure:

We empathize with these concerns and are here to provide reassurance and guidance. Our dedicated team takes the time during the consultation process to thoroughly explain each surgery step. By understanding the LASIK procedure and knowing what to expect, rational and irrational fears about vision loss can be alleviated.

Experienced Providers Minimize Serious Complications

lasik blindness

Trust and confidence in their skills and expertise are paramount when selecting a LASIK surgeon.

During your initial meeting and pre-operative consultation, don’t hesitate to ask your Kansas City LASIK surgeon questions and express any concerns.

It’s essential to feel comfortable with your chosen doctor and have faith in their ability to minimize the risk of complications and effectively manage any post-operative symptoms.

Inquire about your surgeon’s experience performing LASIK and other vision correction procedures and the technology they use for vision correction.

Different LASIK variations, such as SMILE, LASEK, or PRK, may be suitable for your individual needs, and your surgeon should be proficient in the specific technique that best suits you.

Questions to Ask Your LASIK Surgeon

can you go blind from lasik

Before having laser eye surgery, you should vet your eye doctor by asking the following:

Determine Your LASIK Surgery Eligibility with a Self-Tes

You can take our “Is LASIK Right for Me?” evaluation to gain insights into your potential candidacy for the procedure. However, while a self-test is helpful, it isn’t a substitute for a comprehensive evaluation by our eye care professionals.

Please contact us in Kansas City to schedule a LASIK consultation so we can provide personalized recommendations based on your needs and goals.

FAQs About LASIK Blindness

Can you go permanently blind after LASIK

There have been no reported cases of individuals going blind solely due to LASIK eye surgery. While complications can occur, they are extremely rare and often attributed to factors such as pre-existing medical conditions, the complexity of the treatment, or inadequate postoperative care. LASIK is a safe procedure with a low risk of severe complications when performed by a skilled surgeon and when patients adhere to proper aftercare and recovery protocols.

What percentage of people go blind from LASIK

LASIK complications are extremely rare, with less than 1% of LASIK patients experiencing issues. The likelihood of encountering complications due to LASIK surgery is extremely low.

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