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Advanced Surface Ablation & PRK in Kansas City, MO

Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK), also known as Advanced Surface Ablation (ASA), is a laser eye surgery that improves vision by reshaping the cornea. When performed by expert surgeons, PRK is a safe and effective alternative to LASIK. Are you a candidate for PRK in Kansas City? Book your free laser vision correction consult at a Discover Vision Centers clinic today.

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 What Is PRK Laser Eye Surgery?

PRK was approved by the FDA in 1995 as a vision correction procedure to help patients see clearly without the use of contacts or glasses.

As a LASIK alternative, PRK can help patients who struggle with nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. Whereas LASIK involves the creation of a flap on the surface of the cornea, PRK involves advanced surface ablation (ASA) which has two steps.  The first is to remove the skin surface, epithelium, followed by the excimer laser reshaping the underlying surface.  After these steps a bandage contact lens is placed for 1 week.    

Once the patient is completely healed, the results of LASIK and PRK are effectively the same.

Chart Illustrating the PRK Surgery Process

Types of PRK Procedures We Provide

PRK is used to treat several refractive conditions of the eye including nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.  Monovision or one eye for near and one eye for distance can be considered for those over age 40.

Nearsightedness (Myopia)

Nearsightedness ( myopia ) with PRK requires the laser to make the center of the cornea flatter by removing more tissue in the center of the cornea versus the periphery. 

Farsightedness (Hyperopia)

With PRK for farsightedness the laser removes more tissue peripherally than centrally and this steepens the center of the cornea.


With astigmatism the cornea is not round like a tennis ball.  It is shaped more like an American football with a short steep surface in one orientation and a long flatter surface in the other orientation.  With PRK the laser reshapes the cornea to make the same curve or rounded shape in all orientations.

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Who Is a Candidate for ASA Laser Eye Surgery?

Advanced surface ablation surgery (ASA), also known as PRK, may be for you if you struggle with nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism and are not a candidate for LASIK because of thinner corneas, previous eye surgery, scarring on the cornea as a result of contact lens wear, or certain lifestyle or occupational factors. 

At your free vision correction consultation at Discover Vision Centers, you’ll work together with refractive surgery doctors to decide which vision correction surgery is best for you.

What to Expect During PRK & ASA Procedure?

Step 1. Pre-Operative Procedures

Prior to your treatment all of your measurements are validated and checked for accuracy.  Most patients will take a mild sedative about 40 minutes prior to their procedure and topical numbing drops will be used just prior to the start of your procedure.  A lid guard will be placed so you do not have a full lid closure.

Step 2. Prepare The Cornea

Prior to reshaping the underlying tissue with the laser the surface cells are gently removed.

Step 3. Reshape The Cornea

The excimer laser is then used to reshape the cornea so it brings light perfectly into focus on the retina.

Step 4. Protect The Cornea

After the laser is completed a bandage contact lens is placed for comfort.  It remains in place for 5-7 days and then is removed.

Most patients will be placed on topical medicated drops for four weeks.

Why Choose Us for PRK Eye Surgery?

Discover Vision Center surgeons have been providing Advanced Surface Ablation / PRK in Kansas City for our patients since it was FDA approved in 1995.  Our 6 doctors, two surgeons – Dr. Doane and Dr. Jackson ) and our four specialized refractive surgery optometrists have 140 combined years of experience evaluating and treating patients interested in refractive surgery.  Our attention to detail and excellence in patient care are our guiding principles.

Financial Options

Discover Vision Centers (DVC) offers a number of financing programs to make the cost of your vision correction easy and affordable. Our See Today, Pay Later financing allows you to do just that – see today, and pay later.

You may also be eligible for a PRK military discount or other deductions through your flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA).

Areas We Serve

Discover Vision Centers has 3+ surgery centers in the Greater Kansas City Area, making it easy to find PRK near you. Our experienced surgeons perform vision correction surgeries at laser centers in Leawood and Independence / Lee’s Summit.

About Our Surgeons

John F. Doane, M.D.

Dr. John F. Doane

Dr. John F. Doane is a board-certified ophthalmologist who is fellowship trained in refractive surgery.  He has trained surgeons in refractive surgery procedures on four continents.  He has treated patients from 46 US states and 25 foreign countries that have come to Kansas City for our experience.  

Randy T. Jackson, M.D.

Dr. Randy T. Jackson

Dr. Randy Jackson is a board-certified ophthalmologist who specializes in refractive surgery, including LASIK Laser Vision Correction, Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK), Full Focus® Vision Correction and cataract surgery.

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I had PRK a little over a month ago, I have been so impressed with my surgery and my eye doctor. It is the best thing I have ever paid for.
Beth Beach

I thank Dr. Smith and Dr. Doane and their staffs for their genuine, caring manner toward me. I especially want to thank Dr. Doane for giving me, at 75 years old, an entirely new “look at life”.  I can easily understand why he is ranked among the top 5% of cataract and refractive surgeons in the country.
Fred King

Dr. Doane was fantastic! Honestly one of the best doctors I’ve ever interacted with. He answered all my questions, made me feel very comfortable before and during surgery, and did an amazing job on my eyes. If you’re considering refractive surgery, he’s the guy you want shooting lasers in your eyeballs.

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Is PRK laser eye surgery painful?

Prior to the PRK operation, you will be given relaxing medications and numbing drops to alleviate any pain during or immediately following surgery. During the treatment, you may experience a bit of pressure on the surface of the eye, but most patients report minimal discomfort, if any.  After surgery one can experience light sensitivity for up to 5 days.   Once the bandage contact is removed most patients are completely comfortable.

What is the PRK recovery time?

Within a few days of photorefractive keratectomy, most patients notice better vision and can resume their normal lifestyle. Full healing typically takes a month, with most patients noticing an incremental improvement in vision over this period.

What is the PRK success rate?

At Discover Vision Centers, the success rate of all vision correction procedures, including PRK, is extremely high. Ninety-nine percent of patients have a successful experience with the first surgery. The remaining one percent will receive a touch-up, also known as an enhancement. Any required enhancement within a year after surgery is included in your post-operative care.

How long does PRK/ASA last?

PRK/ASA permanently alters the cornea, meaning it should correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism for the long term. If you get PRK before the age of forty, you will notice that as you age beyond age 40 that you will eventually need glasses to read. This condition, presbyopia, is expected to affect everyone after age forty surgery or no surgery.  

What is the PRK in Kansas City price?

The price for Advanced Surface Ablation or PRK in Kansas City at Discover Vision Centers is the same as LASIK and SMILE for the same correction. Our pricing begins at $1,800 per eye and is based on the amount of correction needed. Our goal is to provide the best surgical option for each individual person based on their prescription and other lifestyle needs. We do not want price to determine or outweigh what is best for any given situation. To get started, schedule a free consultation, virtual or in-person, to determine if you are a candidate, which procedure is right for you and the cost.

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