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LASIK surgery in Kansas City, MO

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Discover Vision Centers has been at the forefront of LASIK in Kansas City since its inception in the early 1990’s. The doctors of our clinic are internationally recognized experts and leaders in refractive surgery with over 125 years of combined experience.

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LASIK or  Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis (also called laser vision correction) is a modern procedure to improve imperfect vision. LASIK has been performed in the US since 1995 and has been found to be safe and effective in minimizing if not eliminating the need for glasses or contact lenses. Lasers are used for the procedure and several conditions can be treated including nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism or a combination of these conditions. A careful eye history and evaluation are completed prior to the procedure to make sure you are a good candidate.  The procedure is performed in an outpatient setting and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. You should expect legal driving vision several hours after the procedure and the following day, can resume almost all normal tasks.

What vision problems can LASIK actually fix?

Laser vision correction is highly effective in correcting nearsightedness (myopia ), farsightedness (hyperopia ), astigmatism and presbyopia (inability to focus for reading after age 40 ).

With LASIK for myopia (nearsightedness),  the cornea or front surface of the eye is too steep so the laser used in LASIK flattens the center of the cornea to put the image in focus on the retina.  

With LASIK for hyperopia (farsightedness), the front surface of the eye is too flat so the LASIK laser steepens the cornea to bring the image into focus on the retina.

With LASIK for astigmatism, the corneal shape is like that of an American football or back of a spoon with a short steep section and a long more gradual curved section.  With LASIK the laser puts the cornea into a more rounded shape.

With LASIK for presbyopia, the laser is used to allow the eye to focus for close objects.  There is a  trade-off for this eye in that it will not see as clearly for distance objects.

We take pride in providing our patients with the most comprehensive eye care at the right price.

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Am I a good candidate for LASIK?

Being a good candidate for LASIK vision correction procedures requires three key elements.  Stable refraction or power of the eye over the prior year.  Typically, one must be at least 18 years of age for stability.  One’s eye health has to be confirmed prior to surgery.  Numerous tests are completed prior to approval for surgery to make certain the procedure would be effective and safe for a given patient.  Lastly, a patient’s expectations for their outcome have to be in line with what would typically be expected for a given patient profile.

Why choose us for laser eye surgery?

Discover Vision Centers takes great pride in offering the best technology with surgeons, doctors and staff with the highest training and expertise in LASIK, SMILE, PRK and other refractive surgery techniques.  Our goal is to provide each patient with a customized care process and allow for the best visual outcome possible.  

LASIK Procedures Technology

The technology for both preoperative assessment and laser for the actual LASIK procedure is the most advanced available.  We are continually updating hardware and software for the complex instruments we use to evaluate a patient’s eyes and to correct their vision.


The surgeons and doctors of Discover Vision Centers have completed the most extensive training for refractive surgery which includes fellowship training in refractive surgery beyond ophthalmology residency.  In addition to this in staying at the forefront of modern surgeries Dr. Doane has been principal investigator for LASIK for over 25 years.

Customized Care

At Discover Vision Centers we believe each patient should be provided customized or tailored care to what will meet their expectations for their outcome postoperatively.  The only way to do this is to have a clear understanding of a patient’s lifestyle, activities and visual needs.  By taking this approach we believe each patient has the ability to achieve their ultimate goal – clear vision.

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Financial options

LASIK is the most frequently performed elective procedure in medicine. Yet, most (if not all) medical insurance plans do not consider it a covered medical procedure.  Some plans may allow for a reduced price to their members, but most patients should expect to pay for the majority of the procedure.  Despite this, LASIK is a surprisingly affordable option for vision correction when compared to a lifetime of purchasing eyeglasses and contact lenses.  Discover Vision Centers offer affordable financing plans if you would prefer to make monthly payments rather than paying the entire cost upfront.

We offer plans through CareCredit for up to 24 months with no interest, based on approved credit. You can also use HSA (health savings accounts) and FSA (flexible spending accounts) to pay for LASIK tax-free. 

We serve your area

Discover Vision Centers has 9 offices in the Kansas City Metropolitan area.  LASIK and refractive surgery consultations are done at our Independence, Lee’s Summit, Northland, Leawood and Legends locations.

Client reviews

I love this place. Restored my vision with Lasik 15 years ago and Cataract surgery this month on both eyes. Wonderful experience and John Doane is awesome.
John Young

Discover Vision center was amazing! They were very helpful and informative every step of the way! I would highly recommend their services for LASIK Eye surgery!
Shelby Vasko

Discover Vision has been my eye doctor for nearly 20 years! Great experience working with Dr. EuDaly and Dr. Doane! Very knowledgeable and explain options very clearly. Experts in vision correction/lasik.
Christopher Ruby

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What should I do to prepare for my refractive consultation?

Following a checklist can make your LASIK refractive surgery consultation as productive as possible. You should be able to provide your complete health history, medication list and known medical or eye conditions. Discover Vision Centers does offer virtual consults as well as in-office consults. If you know your current prescription and if it has been stable over the prior twelve months this can be helpful to the care team. 

The following questions should be answered by the care team at your consultation:
1) the health of your eyes and if you are a good candidate for LASIK or other vision correction procedures,
2) a discussion on success of surgery for your specific condition and risks and benefits associated with the procedure,
3) a discussion what to expect at the day of surgery and thereafter regarding healing and return to normal activities,
4) your surgeons experience with patients like yourself,
5) ability to review all materials provided and have all of your questions answered.

What type of LASIK technology do you offer?

Discover Vision Centers offers the latest laser technology. We utilize ZEISS technology, developed and manufactured from Carl Zeiss in Germany. ZEISS lasers perform more procedures in the world than any other system. We use the MEL® 80 excimer laser and VISUMAX® femtosecond laser for LASIK procedures.

Is the initial consultation free?

Yes, our LASIK consults are free of charge for those who have not had prior laser vision correction surgery. Discover Vision Centers offers virtual and in-office consultations. Virtual consults are a great option for those who want to have our refractive optometrist answer questions before committing to an in-office consult. Virtual consults take about 30 minutes and we ask that you have your current glasses and/or contact lens prescription with you. For our in-office consult, numerous tests are completed to assess both the front of the eye and the internal aspects of the eye to confirm candidacy. There are no fees associated with our LASIK consults for patients who have not had previous surgery. 

What does LASIK eye surgery cost in Kansas City?

At Discover Vision Centers, the cost of the LASIK procedure is based upon the amount of correction.  In fact, it does not matter if you have LASIK, SMILE or PRK — they are all priced the same for any given patient. Many people are surprised that we do not charge more for one technology than another. The reason is simple — we do not want cost to be a factor in choosing which procedure a patient elects to have. Roughly, the cost of LASIK begins at $1,800.00 per eye.

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