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Welcome to Discover Vision Eye Care Center in Raymore, MO

If you are looking for eye care in Raymore, Peculiar, Belton or surrounding areas, Discover Vision offers ophthalmology, optometry and optical services. Our optical is open to the public and unlike the clinic, you do not need an appointment to visit our optical shop. Discover Vision opticals carry the latest brand name eyeglass frames, sunglasses and readers.

Discover Vision Raymore opened in 2019, but our team has been serving this area for more than 50 years. We are happy to be a part of the Raymore community, continuing to serve all of your eye care needs. We belong to the Raymore Chamber of Commerce, and our team members are proud to live, work, and play in Raymore. If you are looking for an eye doctor in Raymore MO, look no further than Discover Vision.

Optical & Eye Care Services We Provide in Raymore, MO

Optical Shop

Optical Shop

Discover Vision’s Raymore, MO location offers a full-service optical shop that allows you to ask questions to our staff and try out lenses and frames to see what glasses will work best for you. 

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

If you are looking to exchange your glasses for contacts our Raymore location offers contact lens consultations to provide you with an accurate prescription. We will provide you with a copy of your prescription that you can use to purchase contacts through our optical shop or another source.

Diabetic Eye Care

Diabetic Eye Care

Discover Vision offers specialized care to monitor and manage eye health for individuals with diabetes. We provide comprehensive diabetic eye exams for those suffering from diabetic eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, diabetic macular edema, and more. 

Routine Eye Exams

Routine Eye Exams

Discover Vision optometrists provide routine eye exams to assess vision health and detect any potential issues. It is recommended to schedule an annual eye exam to detect changes or early signs of eye disease.


We strive to provide complete care for our patients. Learn more about all the services we provide.

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Eye Conditions We Treat at Discover Vision Eye Center



Nearsightedness occurs due to a refractive error, when the eye is shaped in a way that causes light to not focus properly on the retina causing distant objects to appear blurred.



Farsightedness occurs due to a refractive error where the eye is shaped in a way that makes light focus behind the retina. Distant objects may appear clear while near vision may be blurry.



Presbyopia is a common condition that affects people as they get older. It causes difficulty in focusing on close-up objects, like reading or using a smartphone. It happens because the lens in the eye becomes less flexible over time.


Astigmatism is a condition that affects the shape of the eye’s cornea or lens. Instead of being perfectly round like a basketball, it is shaped more like a football. This causes light to focus on multiple points on the retina, resulting in blurry or distorted vision. Luckily, glasses, contact lenses, or refractive surgeries can help correct astigmatism and provide clear vision.

Dry Eye

Dry eye can result from various factors, including age, environmental conditions, certain medications, and underlying health conditions. It can cause discomfort, redness, a gritty sensation, and blurry vision. Treatment options for dry eye include artificial tears, lifestyle adjustments, prescription medications, or procedures to improve tear production and retention.

Macular Degeneration

AMD, or age-related macular degeneration, is a progressive eye condition that affects the central part of the retina. It can lead to blurred or distorted vision, making it challenging to read or recognize faces. Regular eye exams and medical checkups are crucial for early detection and management of macular degeneration.

What Our Patients Say

5 stars

"Learned a lot about my eyes and eye care from professionals. I felt comfortable because my Doctor and her tech's patience with my misunderstandings due to age, medical history, and acceptance of bad eyes. I left the office in Raymore with peace of mind. I'm glad I chose Discover Vision."

Fred Green
5 stars

"Nice new facility, helpful and efficient staff, and prompt care. Made getting my annual stress-free. I will for sure continue using Discover Vision in Raymore for each yearly!"

Delaney Swanson
5 stars

"Great office! Everyone is so helpful and friendly. Answered all my questions. Dr Vu is wonderful!"

Cheryl Janssen

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Our Raymore Eye Doctors

At our location in Raymore, you'll find a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about taking care of your eye health. Dr. Sandra Vu is our primary optometrist, and Dr. Doug Dehning is our experienced ophthalmologist. They are both highly-trained specialists who are committed to providing you with the utmost personalized and hands-on care.

Our main objective is to safeguard the well-being of your eyes and enhance your overall quality of life. We take great pride in offering a wide range of services, including routine and medical eye care, to the wonderful Raymore, MO community. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your loved ones with warmth and compassion. Your vision and eye health are our top priorities!

Why Choose Discover Vision Optical Shop in Raymore, MO?

Discover Vision Optical shop in Raymore has a team of experienced opticians who are ABO-certified and available to help you during clinic hours. 

Benefits include:

  • Competitive rates 
  • ABO-certified opticians
  • Access to the full service optical shop
  • No appointment necessary for optical visits
  • Designer frames and lenses
  • Eyeglasses, sunglasses, sportswear and more

Directions to Discover Vision in Raymore

At Discover Vision Centers, we pride ourselves on providing local care to the surrounding areas. If you are looking for eye care or an optical shop in the Raymore, MO area, we are right around the corner. Our office is located off of MO-58 / Foxwood Drive, between N. Foxridge Drive and Johnston Parkway. For a nearby landmark, the clinic sits between McDonalds and Taco Bell, close to the Raymore Chamber of Commerce. 

From Archie / Harrisonville / Peculiar: Get on I-49 N/US-71 N toward Kansas City. Follow I-49 N/US-71 N to MO-58 E in Raymore Township. Take exit 174 toward Raymore. Turn right to merge onto MO-58 E. Stay on MO-58 E for about 2 miles. MO-58 E turns into W Foxwood Drive. Turn left onto Laurus Dr and turn right into the Discover Vision Centers parking lot.

From 435 or 470: Merge onto I-49 S to MO-58 E in Belton. From I-49 S, take exit 174 toward Raymore. Turn left to merge onto MO-58 E. Stay on MO-58 E for about 2 miles. MO-58 E turns into W Foxwood Drive. Turn left onto Laurus Dr and turn right into the Discover Vision Centers parking lot. 

Schedule a Consultation at Discover Vision Eye Care Clinic

Don’t wait! Schedule your next eye exam at Discover Vision in Raymore today. Take the step towards maintaining optimal eye health and clear vision. Request your appointment online for a General Exam or call our office at 816-478-1230 to speak with our team.

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