Can You Swim After LASIK?

swimming after lasik

With summer’s warm weather fast approaching, it’s time to start planning your beach days and outdoor activities. But if you’re considering LASIK surgery in Kansas City to improve your vision, handling the water with caution is important.

It’s of little surprise; the first question patients ask is, “How long after LASIK can I swim?”.

In this blog, we’ll cover some guidelines for swimming after Lasik surgery: which activities are best avoided, and tips for safeguarding your eyes against potential issues.

Swimming After LASIK

LASIK surgery is a popular and effective surgical procedure for correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and other refractive errors. The major benefits of LASIK are a near-immediate visual improvement, quick recovery, and minimal if any, post-operative discomfort.

Before the surgery, your eyes will be tested to ensure that you are a good candidate; once the procedure is complete, one eye may be corrected first and then the other. After the surgery, most patients report improved vision within 24 hours and a full LASIK recovery within one to three months.

How Long After LASIK Can I Swim

how long after lasik can i shower

Pools contain chlorine, and natural bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, and oceans have higher levels of bacteria which could an infection.

However, here are general guidelines to keep in mind with regard to LASIK and swimming:

Water Restrictions After LASIK

how long after lasik can i swim

After undergoing LASIK surgery, you can enjoy summer swimming even more! Taking a few weeks off from the pool or beach is a small price for better vision:

Additional LASIK Swimming Tips

how to shower after lasik

Here are some general guidelines to help you swim safely after LASIK surgery:

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After having LASIK surgery, you may have to wait a few weeks before going in the water. However, you won’t be stuck with glasses for much longer, and soon you’ll be able to enjoy swimming without any restrictions.

For nearly 30 years, Discover Vision Centers has pioneered LASIK in Kansas City. Our medical professionals have earned reputations for excellence in refractive surgery, with a combined 125 years of experience. If you’re considering laser eye surgery, we’d encourage you to schedule your LASIK evaluation in Kansas City today!


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