LASIK Is Less Expensive Long-Term Option

(KANSAS CITY) – Most of the 1.3 million Americans who are expected to have LASIK this year would probably say the ability to see when they first wake up in the morning is priceless.

Many employers allow employees to earmark several thousands of dollars to help pay for a variety of elective procedures, ranging from acupuncture and cosmetic surgery to LASIK. The allocated money for health spending accounts is tax free and taken directly from employees’ paychecks, much like a 401K plan. Patients are encouraged to plan ahead and to use all the money in their flexible spending accounts by the end of April as unused money will be forfeited.
For those whose companies do not offer flexible spending accounts, LASIK may still be the more economical option for the long-term compared to the cost of glasses and contacts. Based on industry standards, the cost of LASIK is one-half to one-fourth the cost of glasses and contacts: over a 20-year period, the cost of glasses is $6,000; soft contacts are $12,000; disposable contacts are $16,000; and the average price for LASIK is $3,600.
Patients who are considering LASIK, but are concerned about the cost, should first determine how much money they can put into their flexible spending or health savings account to help fund the cost. Second, patients should weigh the long-term cost savings. While LASIK may require more money upfront compared to glasses and contacts, the procedure is the less expensive option and can truly be priceless. Discover Vision Centers also offers financing that makes LASIK affordable, including a 24 month, no interest financing with no down payment required.
Discover Vision Centers is one of the country’s largest eye care centers offering ophthalmology, optometry and optical shop services in the Kansas City metro area. For more information, call 816.478.1230 or click here to schedule an appointment.

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