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LASIK Reviews and Patient Testimonials with Kansas City’s Leaders in Eye Care

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Carrody is a mom, ER Nurse, Forensic Nurse, and most recently, a Discover Vision LASIK patient.  In this video, she discusses why she had LASIK, her experience with the doctors and staff, what to expect from the consultation, day of surgery, and what life after LASIK is like.

Thanks to Discover Vision’s Dr. Andrew Jefferson and his incredible support staff, I have a new outlook on life. I had cataract surgery last month and I am amazed at how much I’d been missing – colors are so much brighter and everything is so much clearer. One of the best things is no glasses. Dr. Jefferson recommended Toric lenses to correct my astigmatism and made one lens farsighted and the other one nearsighted. At 75 years old I have the sight of a very much younger person! Thank you, Dr. Jefferson and Discover Vision for such enrichment to my life!

Elnor Barron 
Full Focus Vision Correction Patient Review

I had the pleasure of being in your office as a Lasik patient in September of 2007 before I deployed for Iraq. Getting the surgery has been one of the best investments I have ever made and my time over there was much more tolerable operating in a harsh environment without contacts or glasses. I was very impressed how you and your staff went out of your way to ensure that I was healing well and both my vision and experience was, in a word, PERFECT, before heading overseas. The procedure has definitely improved my lifestyle and I would recommend Discover Vision Centers to anyone seeking improved vision and an improved quality of life.

Kyle Bell, Financial Advisor / Military Officer
Kansas City LASIK Review

Lisa, Kansas City LASIK Patient TestimonialDear Discover Vision Centers,

I cannot even begin to express my appreciation of what you have done for me. I feel like a new person! Before my surgery, I could not even see my husband lying next to me! I have tried to tell everyone that will listen to me about my sight. It just brings tears to my eyes when I think of how much I appreciate all of you – I can’t even describe in words how thankful I am. You have absolutely the most outstanding, wonderful, caring staff.

I am an RN in Kansas City, see many people on a daily basis and I want you to know that I will spread the word about your wonderful staff and outstanding service to anyone who will listen!!

Thank you so very much, Dr. John F. Doane, to you and your WONDERFUL staff!

With all my heart,
Lisa S., Kansas City R.N.
Kansas City LASIK Patient Review

Kristen, Kansas City LASIK Patient TestimonialDr. Doane,

I just wanted to extend to you and the other doctors and nurses on your staff my gratitude for everything pertaining to my surgery last Friday. Each and every person that I came into contact with (you, Dr. EuDaly, Bill, Kristin, Cyndi and Dr. Lile) all made the experience that much better. I think that we Hallmarkers may have some competition for the happiest and most pleasant employees award, and that’s a good thing!

Kristen W., Hallmark
Kansas City LASIK Patient

Gayle, Kansas City Eye Patient TestimonialDear Discover Vision Centers,

Thank you for your donations of eyewash and eye glass repair kits for our brave soldiers serving overseas. The Auxiliary mailed out over 100 boxes to service personnel filled with items donated by area businesses and churches. Your contribution is deeply appreciated.

Gayle M., American Legion Post 21 Auxiliary
Patient of Dr. Clay Cundiff

Barbara, Kansas City LASIK Patient TestimonialDear. Dr. Doane,

It appears that we are approaching the end of a long road. Of course, none of this would have happened without you.

It has been said that most intelligent people who are the most successful surround themselves with the best staff. Obviously you have done that to the nth degree. However, the most important person in this whole episode is John F. Doane. We were happy to see that you made it to the Super Docs section of the KC Magazine. In our minds there is only one super doc and that is you. Your caring and dedication are unbelievable. Your commitment to a successful resolution of this problem has been exemplary. To think that a doctor of your status and qualifications would see us everyday, weekends, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and whenever we needed you is truly remarkable. You are not only THE super doc, you are our hero. You are the true role model for all other doctors regardless of their field of endeavor.

Thank you again for all you have done. We only wish there were some better way to let you, as well as your entire group at Discover, know the magnitude of our appreciation and gratitude.

Barbara & Jim Eschenheimer, Lee’s Summit, MO

Linda, Kansas City LASIK Patient TestimonialDear Dr. Doane,

In January of 2002, you did LASIK surgery on my eyes. I have not had any problems, I see wonderfully, and I wake up each morning still thankful for 20/20 sight.

Last week, you performed LASIK on my 29-year-old son. He seems to be healing just fine. He marvels at his ability to see and says his eyes have never felt better.

The purpose of my letter is to thank you from the bottom of my heart. What a miraculous and awesome thing you do for people! I really didn’t hug you enough or say thank-you enough, so I decided to write you a letter. You have been given a fine talent and skill to help better peoples’ lives in a way that affects their whole life.

Thank you Dr. Doane. Thank you! I also thank all of your wonderful nurses and technicians. They were kind and personable, as were you.

Linda S., teacher
Kansas City LASIK Patient

Dr. Doane,

I wanted to compliment you and your staff for your gracious service surrounding my surgery. I was very nervous and apprehensive and they all made me feel at ease.

I have had an excellent result and wish I had pursued this earlier.

Joseph Newman, MD, FACS
St. John’s Regional Medical Director
Joplin, MO.
Kansas City LASIK Patient

Marearl, Kansas City LASIK Patient TestimonialDear John,

Thank you for my improved vision. I say a little blessing to you and your skills daily.

Thanks again,

Marearl D., local artist & photographer
Kansas City LASIK Patient

Dear Dr. Doane,

As I write this note, I’m reflecting back to two young girls in the 3rd grade bringing home notes from the school nurse that their vision was poor and would probably need glasses. They were embarrassed to wear glasses and of course teased by other kids. Then, at age 14 we felt the girls were responsible enough to wear contact lenses.

As we entered the world of being very determined to wear those hard lenses and finally mastering them, it was lense insurance, enzyme solutions, cleaning solutions, trying every brand until finding the right one that didn’t irritate their eyes. And then the phone calls from cheerleading camp, college or even from Cancun (spring break) saying, “mom, my contact is broken, can you order a new pair?” My, what parents do for their children.

Now, as time has passed and those two young girls have matured into beautiful young women, we made the decision to help simplify their life. So for college graduation, we chose LASIK surgery as their gift. It has proven to be the most rewarding gift we could have given them.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for making their surgeries such an enjoyable and successful experience. Hope to see you again as soon as our twins graduate from college and someday maybe even mom can experience the gift of sight without glasses.


The Cookie Lady,
Vicky C.
Mother of two Kansas City LASIK Patients

Dr. Doane & Staff,

I wanted to thank you for all of your efforts to accommodate me (and my mother) during the entire LASIK procedure. You have a wonderful staff. Thank you for enabling me to see 20/20 for the first time in my life.

Know you are being bragged about in Springfield.

Jennifer P., Springfield, MO
Kansas City LASIK Review

Wally, Kansas City LASIK Patient TestimonialGood Morning, Dr. Doane,

Just a short note to say “THANK YOU” from the bottom of my heart for giving me my eye sight back. There are no words to fully describe how very appreciative and thankful I will always be, and needless to say, I owe it all to your expertise as a surgeon. I will never be able to fully describe to you just how grateful I will always be.

Wally George, Saline County Sheriff
Kansas City LASIK Review

Kudos: Sheriff Wally George is currently the longest serving sheriff in Missouri with 28 years of service.

John Wefald, Kansas City LASIK Patient TestimonialDear Dr. Doane,

I see the world now with 20/20 vision! Thank you, from a 20/20 Kansas State University President.


Jon Wefald, KSU President
Kansas City LASIK Patient

Kudos: Jon Wefald is the 12th president of Kansas State University. Upon retirement in 2009, with a legacy of 23 years of service, he held the second longest term of any KSU president. From the doctors and staff at Discover Vision Centers, we thank you for your service to the state of Kansas and the academic community!

Three years after having the LASIK surgery, I remain impressed by everyone and everything in your practice. Keep up the great work!

Steve K., Independence, MO.
Kansas City LASIK Patient

Dear John,

Thank you, thank you! This surgery is truly a new lease on life! I cannot believe I can write this note, chart at work, read the paper, pluck my eyebrows, etc., etc. without my glasses. You are wonderful!

I am privileged to have made acquaintance with many of you. Discover has a great staff! Thank you again!

Marilyn S.
Kansas City LASIK Patient

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