Eye Exams

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Discover Vision Centers provides routine eye exams, and fittings for glasses and contact lenses. To order contact lenses, please click here.

Eye Exams

The doctors and staff of Discover Vision Centers are specially trained to provide you with a complete spectrum of eye care. Maintaining a routine eye exam is the best way to determine the health of your eye. Annual exams assist in the protection of your eyes, detecting any problems and treating at the earliest stage.

Discover Vision accepts and participates in nearly all locally-available insurance plans. For the most up-to-date list of accepted insurance, please call 816.478.1230 or visit our Insurance and Billing page.

How often do I need an Eye Exam?

The need and frequency of eye exams vary with age, race, medical history, occupation and other factors. Regularity should be determined between you and your eye doctor. The American Optometry Association recommends the following schedule for routine eye care.

Age Exam Frequency

Infant/Toddler 0-24 months By 6 months of age
Preschool 2-5 years At 3 years of age
School age 6-18 years Before first grade and every two years thereafter
Adults 19-40 years Every two to three years
Adults 41-60 years Every two years
Adults 61+ years Annually

People with certain risk factors may need to see an eye doctor more than others. Risk factors include:

  • Family history of eye problems
  • African-American over the age of 40
  • Diabetes
  • Previous eye injury

If you or a family member is due for an eye exam, call 816.478.1230 today or click here to schedule an appointment.

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