LASIK Risks You Should Be Aware of

Articles in USA Today,, and ABC Primetime shed light on importance of seeking the best care when choosing a LASIK surgeon

KANSAS CITY, MO – Patients seeking LASIK surgery to correct their vision should take precautions when choosing a surgeon. Patients should be educated when they are not a good candidate for the procedure and to the potential risks associated with their particular condition.

John F. Doane, M.D., F.A.C.S., of Discover Vision Centers, has spoken and written internationally about LASIK complications and how to treat them. He says while preliminary screenings are vital, the patient-doctor relationship is equally important.

“As with any surgical procedure, there are risks,” Dr. Doane said. “Good candidates for LASIK surgery do extremely well with the procedure. The communication between the doctor and the patient is important, though, so a patient can understand their chances of success with LASIK.”

Complications of LASIK can include temporary inflammation, dry eyes, halos and difficulty driving at night.

Dr. Doane, who has performed thousands of LASIK procedures on patients from 34 states and 17 foreign countries, says patients should be aware of the potential risks and weigh all of their options before having LASIK surgery.

“As with any surgery, the skills of the doctor play a critical role,” Dr. Doane said. “You can have the best technology in the world, but it is still a surgical procedure and the judgment of the doctor will determine the patient’s outcome.”

Dr. Doane is a LASIK patient himself and has performed the procedure on many of his family and friends. He says for a majority of patients, the procedure is safe.

“We strive to go above and beyond in the screening process to make the patient comfortable with their decision to have LASIK,” he said. “When you take time to treat each customer as an individual, they understand that you are doing what is in their best interests. LASIK truly is a wonderful procedure and can be successful for most people.”

For more information on this subject, call 816.478.1230 or click here to schedule a Kansas City LASIK evaluation with Dr. John Doane.

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