SMILE Vision Correction has us Smiling

SMILE Vision Correction at Discover Vision Centers

The Discover Vision refractive team has been working on something for the past 7 years and we are excited to finally share the news with you. It’s something to SMILE about, literally. As 1 of only 5 clinics in the country involved in the FDA trials, Discover Vision is pleased to introduce SMILE, short for small incision lenticule extraction. Dr. John Doane, head of Discover Vision’s Refractive Team, has been instrumental in developing the first, minimally invasive, flapless procedure which combines the advantages of PRK and LASIK. Dr. Doane was the second surgeon in the Western hemisphere to perform SMILE vision correction.

FDA Approval Announced for SMILE Vision Correction

FDA approval for the SMILE procedure was just announced this week. Discover Vision Centers has been at the leading edge of this clinical research, successfully performing the SMILE procedure for the past seven years.

A Discover Vision patient who participated in the study had this to say about his experience with SMILE vision correction:

“I had this done as part of the clinical study. I have had vision correction since I was 6 and my prescription was -8.25 (practically blind without glasses / contacts) I was so tired of dealing with lenses in every day life and when I got to be adventurous. I had contacts come out while skiing, swimming, snorkeling, running, and many other inconvenient times. I was so grateful be to eligible for the trial and this surgery changed my life forever! There are still times I wake up in morning and am amazed I can see my alarm clock. Thank you To Discover, Dr Doane and his team and Zeiss for this opportunity. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

-Eric H., Discover Vision SMILE patient

For more detailed information on SMILE vision correction, click here.  Contact our office at 816.478.1230 or click below to schedule a FREE Vision Correction evaluation.

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