LASIK Enhancement: Can You Get Lasik Twice?

can you get lasik twice

Can you have LASIK twice? Although it is uncommon to need to get LASIK twice, it’s not out of the question to need a LASIK touch-up or a LASIK enhancement following your initial procedure. This is usually the case for patients who are not happy with the results of their initial procedure or for those whose vision has changed over time.

If you’re looking for LASIK in Kansas City for a LASIK touch up after 20 years or more, our team at Discover Vision Centers offers high-quality procedures in a professional yet relaxed environment.

What Is LASIK Enhancement Surgery?  

You might be wondering what is a LASIK touch up and whether or not you’ll need to consider a second LASIK surgery. If you opt to get LASIK, there’s always a possibility that your refractive errors can return regardless of how experienced your surgeon is. If you end up needing to wear new glasses following LASIK, it’s highly likely that your new prescription will be weaker following the procedure. For some patients, LASIK reduces refractive errors but doesn’t completely solve the problem. 

However, if you don’t want to wear glasses after your first procedure or if it simply isn’t an option, you might consider a LASIK eye surgery touch up. Those considering this procedure might experience the following:

Some considerations before this procedure include how long ago you had your first LASIK surgery and how severe your refractive errors are. Although it is rare to seek a LASIK enhancement, it is still possible for some patients. This is especially the case as LASIK technology continues to evolve and improve; the success rate of LASIK is 96 percent, and the majority of patients are happy with their end results. 

If you’re interested in learning more about getting a LASIK enhancement, it’s important to be open with your doctor about your frustrations. 

What Happens During a LASIK Touch Up?

can you have lasik twice

Undergoing a LASIK surgery touch-up is uncommon but not unheard of. These procedures are very similar to the original LASIK procedure. Here’s what you can expect along the way. 

Before your procedure, your doctor will go over your overall health and examine your eyes before taking measurements. A significant factor in determining if you’re a good candidate is how thick your cornea is. As the doctor removes corneal tissue with each appointment, your cornea might be too thin for a second procedure. If the LASIK touch-up risks outweigh the benefits, you won’t be a candidate.

During the procedure, numbing drops are used to ensure comfort. The first step is to gently lift the flap of the cornea to reveal the surface where the correction will take place. Usually, these enhancements are small, so reshaping only takes a few seconds. 

Following your procedure, you’ll be given drops and medications to stay comfortable and reduce the risk of infection. The LASIK touch-up recovery consists of gradually improving vision over the first few days. 

Why Would I Need a LASIK Touch Up?  

Many people seek a LASIK vision touch-up if their vision has deteriorated following surgery. In addition to vision deterioration, it’s possible that a touch-up is needed for surface ablation issues or epithelial ingrowth concerns. For example, you might seek a LASIK touch-up after 10 years if you are no longer happy with your vision and you don’t want to wear glasses or contacts. 

As LASIK technology continues to improve and the approach is refined, the percentage lessens. Roughly 1-2 percent of patients need an enhancement within the initial year and a small percentage beyond a decade. 

How Many Times Can You Have LASIK? 

Generally speaking, there isn’t a limit to how many times you can get LASIK surgery during your lifetime, but that doesn’t mean that you’re a good candidate for an enhancement. The main driving factor in whether or not you can continue to get LASIK is how thick your cornea is. 

How often do you need a LASIK touch up surgery? If you’re a candidate for LASIK enhancement, it’s important to note that each patient has a different experience. In most cases, patients who need a second enhancement usually have a high initial glasses prescription such as over -6. These patients might seek an enhancement early in the post-op period, and years later, they seek a second enhancement. As touch-up LASIK surgery is already rare as it is, it’s difficult to compile data on this topic. If you have additional questions about getting a touch-up but you’re not sure if you’re a good candidate, our team is happy to help you!

Is LASIK Retreatment Safe?  

lasik touch up after 20 years

If you’re seeking repeat LASIK surgery after 10 years, you might be wondering whether there are risks of LASIK touch-ups. Just as LASIK surgery has potential complications and side effects, the same is true about enhancement surgeries. In the case that a LASIK enhancement is performed in an unsatisfactory manner, it could result in complications such as irregular astigmatism, halos, temporary discomfort, keratectasia, and diffuse lamellar keratitis. 

LASIK Enhancement Surgery Options

Can LASIK be redone? Yes! A LASIK touch-up after 15 years could either mean PRK or repeat LASIK surgery. In the case of LASIK surgery, the only difference is the tools that the doctor uses to re-lift the corneal flap. As soon as the flap is lifted, it takes up to a few minutes to reshape the cornea. If you opt for PRK, your surgeon won’t have to lift the flap. Many patients prefer PRK as it reduces the risk of epithelial growth.

LASIK Touch Up Cost 

Of course, the LASIK touch-up price depends on many different factors. During your consultation with your doctor, whether you are meeting about your first or second LASIK surgery, you will be able to discuss the LASIK touch-up cost. There are many practices that offer a warranty of sorts; if you need an enhancement within the first year after surgery, it would be performed without an additional cost to the patient. As always, our team is transparent about our pricing and we are happy to discuss this with you!

Ask an Ophthalmologist about LASIK Retreatment 

Now that you know whether you can get LASIK twice, you might have additional questions for our team at Discover Vision Centers. The good news is that if you don’t have any pre-existing risk factors, the risk of complications is low. To learn more about LASIK retreatment, we encourage you to schedule an in-office LASIK consultation in Kansas City so our team can assist you!

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