When Can You Wear Makeup & Eyelash Extensions after LASIK Surgery?

how long after lasik can i wear makeup

Successful LASIK surgery allows makeup wearers to experiment with new looks without glasses. Unsurprisingly two of the most common questions asked are, “when can I wear makeup after LASIK?” and “when can I wear mascara after LASIK?”.

During the healing and recovery period after LASIK surgery in Kansas City, your doctor’s primary concern will be inflammation and infection, hence wearing makeup takes a back seat.

Forgoing makeup to protect your vision is absolutely invaluable! 

You will be prescribed prescription eye drops during recovery. The vast majority of the time, if taken correctly, these drops (not makeup) are necessary to fast-track and improve healing. 

This blog explains how long after LASIK you can wear makeup and offers some post-surgery makeup tips.

Why Can’t I Wear Makeup after I Have LASIK?   

Although some patients can wear makeup a few days post-LASIK surgery, we recommend waiting at least a week. That’s because tiny particles from eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, and blush or bronzer can quickly come into contact with your eyes and cause an infection. 

Additionally, wearing eye makeup after LASIK can irritate your eyes, which may prolong recovery. Immediately after surgery, your eyes are more prone to infection because of the healing flap on the cornea. 

Neither stitches nor bandages are required for the flap to heal, but since there’s nothing to hold it in place, infection from bacteria and loose particles may occur. Moreover, bacteria are everywhere, including on makeup brushes and application tools. So, it’s not only loose makeup particles that may cause harm during the makeup application process. 

How Long After LASIK Can You Wear False Eyelashes? 

when can i wear makeup after lasik

Please note that if you wear eyelash extensions, you must remove them before the surgery. The chemical used to remove extensions can irritate the eyes, so be sure to take them off a few days before your procedure.

What’s more, eyelashes play an essential role during recovery. Poorly applied lash extensions can cause lashes to rub and scratch eyes. When combined with post-surgery dryness, this can be pretty irritating and painful.

To ensure a smooth recovery, you shouldn’t replace or refill eyelash extensions after LASIK for a minimum of two months. 

What Are the Post-LASIK Makeup Risks?  

The severity of infections can vary; some may even result in permanent vision loss. As such, preventing infection is much easier than treating it.

Symptoms of infection caused by makeup include: 

Contact your doctor immediately if you think you’ve developed an infection. Of course, following your doctor’s post-surgery care instructions is the best way to avoid such medical emergencies and speed up the healing process.

When You Can Wear Makeup After LASIK  

eye makeup after lasik

How long after LASIK until I can wear mascara? You’ll receive instructions regarding your postoperative care during your preoperative consultation, including when and how to wear makeup again.

If you need to wear makeup following your LASIK procedure (such as for a special event), you may want to postpone your surgery. In your free consultation with our team of experts, we will discuss your options and help you decide what’s right for you.

Below are a few general guidelines, but please bear in mind that every patient is different. 

Makeup Before Laser Eye Surgery 

Avoiding makeup 24 hours before LASIK is best. As we previously mentioned, if you wear eyelash extensions, you’ll need to remove them. Consider tinting your lashes a week or two before the procedure if you can’t live without mascara.

Makeup During Laser Eye Surgery 

You can’t wear makeup on the day of your procedure. We also recommend not wearing perfume or aftershave and removing moisturizer or lotions from your face. Clean skin ensures vapor and additional moisture and oils don’t interfere with the procedure. 

On Make-up After Laser Eye Surgery 

We’re often asked, “how long after LASIK can I wear eye makeup?” or “when can I wear makeup after LASIK?”. Ideally, avoid wearing mascara for up to two weeks. The same applies to other eye makeup that could end up in your eyes. And when you do start to wear mascara after LASIK, ensure it isn’t waterproof.

Some basic guidelines: 

7 Tips for Wearing Makeup after LASIK  

how long after lasik until i can wear mascara

The more cautious you are about when you can wear makeup after LASIK, the better. 

    1. Avoid cosmetic procedures. Any cosmetic eye procedure like Botox, fillers, facials, microblading, and eyebrow waxing should be avoided for at least four to six weeks after surgery. 
    2. Gently remove makeup. How to remove mascara after LASIK: Avoid side-to-side motions over closed upper eyelids. Instead, use a light downward motion and do not rub with aggressive force. Steer clear from harsh soaps and makeup removers. 
    3. Buy new products. Your eyes are susceptible to infections caused by old makeup, which can harbor bacteria. As such, it is usually safest to throw out old products and brushes.
    4. Don’t use expired makeup or share products or brushes. Expired makeup increases the risk of acne, eye infections, and other undesirable outcomes. Toss it out if in doubt.
    5. Avoid the waterline. Chances are you tightline your eyes if you wear eyeliner, which is when you place liner along your upper water line to create a fuller, wider look. For the first few weeks after your procedure, avoid using makeup so close to your waterline as its application can poke or irritate your eyes.
    6. Don’t wear glitter eyeshadow. Glittery eyeshadow tends to have a lot of fallout, and you don’t want it falling into new post-operative eye areas. 
    7. Stick with face makeup (at first). You can apply foundation, blush, lipstick, and the like if it’s not too close to your eyes. Our team of experts will be able to advise you on makeup products that are safe to use following your procedure, particularly when it comes to reintroducing eye makeup.

Thinking about Getting LASIK?  

LASIK has improved millions of people’s vision and made their lives easier. At Discover Vision Centers, we take great pride in offering LASIK surgery that provides every patient with the best visual outcome possible. Schedule a free LASIK eye exam to determine if you’re a suitable candidate and learn more about when you can wear makeup after LASIK.

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